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  1. PUK Code Locked Problem - Not usual reason for being locked
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  4. Cannot Connect
  5. have a green line down middle of screen
  6. cant get to recovery...
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  10. How to change contact name ??
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  12. Hang
  13. Broken Audio Jack
  14. Problem htc Brazil
  15. No Sound
  16. About to Throw Phone in Garbage Disposal
  17. Headphone Jack Issues
  18. Recent History in Call Log, Messages Not Shown?
  19. Deleted Photos from DCIM Folder
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  21. How to delete a contact from HTC ONE S completely..???
  22. Phone Acting strange
  23. My RUU exe will not work..
  24. Can't Hear Phone Calls, Phone Does Not Ring - Incoming/Outgoing Calls - HTC One S
  25. Can't delete root apps
  26. wifi connected but no internet access
  27. Bluetooth Works No More
  28. Text Messages Won't Send to Certain People
  29. Unlocked HBoot HTC One S Whiped Off by System reset...
  30. htc one s wont turn on
  31. notifications keep going to front speaker
  32. Evrc-b
  33. Need help with flashing HTC mobile
  34. HTC One S wo't switch on
  35. oh damn..this kinda brick is new to me.....
  36. Software update makes everything go crazy - need assistance
  37. Phone stuck at bootloader
  38. lost os on HTC one s. totally blocked right now.
  39. ma htc one s internet is not working
  40. HTC ONE S Bricked
  41. Pic problems after update
  42. Seriously BRICKED One S
  43. blank homescreen and black background
  44. Seriously Tricky Soft-boot Situation
  45. Unable to Select USB Connection Type
  46. Messaging
  47. Music sync issues after Jelly Bean update
  48. Importing music
  49. HTC Desire X it might be
  50. Gtasks and Google Calendar
  51. How do I delete, close or discombuberate apps?
  52. HTC Sync Manager - Not Syncing Calendars/Contacts
  53. Phone keeps shutting off
  54. Download Problem
  55. Blurry Contact Images
  56. 'Process System Isn't Responding' Do You Want to Close It?
  57. How to Remove Unwanted Synced EMail Contacts from Mail?
  58. How Can One Find Carrier RUUs for Stock Recoveries?
  59. How To Retrieve Lost Pics
  60. no wifi
  61. Tasks Application Crashes
  62. Problem with WiFi After Update
  63. Existing Contact Names Not Displayed When They Call Me
  64. ZERO Help Acknowledgement
  65. Need to SILENCE SMS but still allow CALLS to come through...
  66. Lost Recovery After Installing twrp With All in One Tool Kit
  67. I Can't switch on my HTC One S
  68. Sms spell corection language.
  69. Returning Fido to Stock from Root
  70. Last software update is causing a black bar along side and bottom of screen...
  71. WiFi Calling Problem
  72. Syncing Calendar and Contacts
  73. Phonebook Error
  74. contact details re: address
  75. call history limitation to 500
  76. Whatsapp Error
  77. problem with music
  78. HTC One S To Composite/RCA Cable
  79. Factory reset rooted HTC one S..now screen is blank please help....!!!
  80. Emails too big for screen, even in landscape
  81. Black border on home screen
  82. Mobile Data Problem
  83. my one s won't upgrade
  84. random reboots since update
  85. Airplane Mode Not Turning Off!
  86. Remove Facebook contacts from phone
  87. Reminder Alert?
  88. Importing Contacts to my laptop
  89. Phone freezes while booting
  90. Accelerometer stop working (no screen rotation)
  91. Camera Problem
  92. Earphones wont register
  93. New to HTC and the One S, some questions!
  94. ant+ for cadence sensing for fitness training
  95. How do I disconnect a call when answering a second incoming call??
  96. Screen is Blank
  97. Data extraction - phone does not load android
  98. One S Touch Screen/Digitizer Replacement
  99. Hotmail Not Syncing
  100. MAJOR Audio Problem plus Docking Station Question
  101. Bluetooth failure with Jawbone Era
  102. Help!! Bricked My Phone
  103. Not factory rest
  104. Stop searching for networks
  105. Innaccurate GPS location tagging
  106. 3G not showing
  107. Weekly Data Loss
  108. No signal after OTA update
  109. Internal RAM inconsistencies (Does my phone really have 1024 MB RAM?)
  110. Call Volume Too High
  111. excessive data usage
  112. No SMS delivery report
  113. Can't open ring pull
  114. Phone turns off and on when using htc music player!
  115. Gmail linking to Navigation/Maps
  116. Widget not refreshing on home screen
  117. In-call volume question.
  118. [RESOLVED] Missing Keyboard
  119. mute and unmute problem
  120. Bypassing Bypassing Exchange Security Policy?
  122. One S: Mobile Data not turning back on? And camera question...
  123. Call History
  124. Mail app does not seem to support certificates for EAS
  125. Bluetooth sound distortion
  126. One S battery life
  127. Contact Transfer
  128. Chrome bookmarks not syncing on HTC One S