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  1. HTC Offering $100 Trade-in Credit if You Buy the New HTC One for Limited Time
  2. HTC Officially Launches their New Flagship the HTC One
  3. HTC One X Jelly Bean Update Rolling Out Globally
  4. HTC One Forum Would Like to Wish Everyone A Happy Thanksgiving!
  5. [Rumor] Google and Dish Already Developing Wireless Service Plans for 2013
  6. To Battle Android Fragmentation Google now 'Less Open' with New SDK Modification
  7. Google Beta for New Augmented Reality Smartphone-Based Conspiracy MMO: 'Ingress'
  8. Google May Be Considering Becoming a Wireless Carrier; In Talks With Dish Network
  9. Intel Teases 48-Core Mobile Processors Coming in 5 to 10 Years
  10. Need for Speed: Most Wanted Now Available for $6.99 On Google Play Store
  11. Android 4.2 New Features: Plus Video of Nexus 4, Nexus 10, Android 4.2 at Google HQ
  12. New Samsung Made Google Nexus 10 Android Tablet Detailed Specs & Pricing
  13. Google Launches New Nexus Line: Nexus 4, 32GB Nexus 7, Nexus 10 & Android 4.2
  14. Google's Big 'Playground' Press Announcement Canceled Due to Hurricane Sandy
  15. Apple Petulantly Publishes The UK Court Ruling Admitting Samsung Didn't Copy Them
  16. The HTC One X for AT&T Just Received Root on 2.20 Firmware
  17. Shocking Move by USPTO: Apple's 'Rubber-Band' Patent Invalid; Maybe Big for Samsung
  18. Pic Leaked For the HTC Droid Incredible X (aka DLX, aka DELUXE, aka J Butterfly)
  19. Apple Loses Appeal in UK Court; Must Now Publicly Admit Samsung Didn't Copy Them
  20. HTC Joins the 'Phablet' Fray with the HTC J Butterfly; 5-Inch, Quad-Core S4, 2GB Ram
  21. Japan's Softbank Maybe Planning to acquire Sprint for $12 billion; Sprint Stock Soars
  22. Verizon's 5-inch HTC Droid Incredible X (aka DLX) Passes Through Global Certification
  23. New Apple 'Camera' Patent Will Allow Remote Shutdown of Your Phone or its Features
  24. [Rumor] HTC's 5-Inch Gets Full Spec Leak and is Named the DLX
  25. [Deal Alert] Get the AT&T HTC One X for just a Penny on Amazon Wireless
  26. Android 4.1 Jelly Bean ROM Leaked for Some Versions of the International HTC One X
  27. [Rumor] Android 4.2 and Motorola Nexus Phone Called Occam Show Up in AnTuTu Benchmark
  28. Things Grow Bleaker for HTC; Earnings Nosedive 79% in Q3 of 2012
  29. Angry Birds Star Wars Coming November 8th
  30. HTC One X+ and One VX Officially Coming Exclusively to AT&T
  31. HTC Promises Jelly Bean Will Come to the HTC One X and S in October
  32. HTC One X+ Officially Unveiled; Jelly Bean, Improved Specs, Tegra 3 & LTE and More
  33. [Rumor] Google's Next Nexus Phone Coming From LG Within Next 30 Days with Android 4.2
  34. The Netflix Interface Update Now Comes to Android Phones as Well
  35. Happy Belated Birthday Android! Congratz on Turning Four Yesterday!
  36. Vellamo Adds CPU & Memory Tests to Its Benchmarks; Tests SGS3 and HTC One X
  37. [Rumor] 5-Inch HTC Droid Incredible X Will be the Google Nexus 5
  38. [Rumor] HTC One X Will Be Getting Jelly Bean in October
  39. Qualcomm Video Shows Their Older 2010 Mobile Chips are Better Than Intel's Atom
  40. Apple Having a Hard Time Trying to Invalidate HTC Patents in a U.S. Court
  41. [Rumor] HTC One X+ Specs Leaked on Twitter; HTC One X Getting Jelly Bean in December
  42. [Rumor] HTC May Jump Back into Android Tablet Game with 7 and 10-inch on Sept. 19th
  43. HTC Jumps On the Press Event Bandwagon; Holding Their Own Event Sept. 19th
  44. [Rumor] HTC May be Working on Their Own Phablet Sized Device; Leaked Pics Tease
  45. HTC Desire X Officially Unveiled
  46. HTC Refutes Rumors That They Intend to Drop Beats Audio
  47. HTC Considering Dropping Beats Integration Altogether & May Drop Prices on Handsets
  48. More Tough News? HTC Will Lose its $40 Million Investment in OnLive Restructure
  49. HTC Down, But Not Out; Taiwanese Government Will Step in to Assist
  50. HTC's Financials are Getting Worse; Things Look Very Grim and Investors are Bailing
  51. [Rumor] More Rumors Suggest HTC Working on Their Own 5-inch Phone
  52. AT&T's HTC One X Drops to just $99 on a New Contract
  53. [Rumor] New HTC One X+ May be Coming to T-Mobile with a 1.7GHz Overclocked Tegra 3
  54. New Report May Confirm Earlier Rumors of HTC and Facebook Phone Teamup; Coming 2013
  55. Patent Wars Legal Dispute Round-Up for Today: Appeals, New Lawsuits and More
  56. HTC Gives Up Its Beats; Sells Back Half of Its Ownership for $150 Million
  57. HTC Confirms Jelly Bean for the AT&T, T-Mobile & Rogers One X, One XL and One S
  58. [Rumor] HTC 'preparing' to Bring Jelly Bean to the One XL and the One S
  59. HTC's Profits Nosedive by 58% in Quarter 2
  60. White Version of the HTC EVO 4G LTE Coming to Sprint July 15th & More
  61. Google's Android Jelly Bean Statue Melts While Basking it Its Own Glory (and the Sun)
  62. Newest Android OS Chart Shows ICS Over 10% & Gingerbread on Most Devices
  63. Patent Wars Stories Part 3: [Follow-Up] Nokia Claims Nexus 7 Infringes Their Patents
  64. Patent Wars Stories Part 2: Samsung Denied Appeal to Lift Ban of Galaxy Tab 10.1
  65. Patent Wars Stories Part 1: Apple Fails to Get an Import Ban Against HTC Phones
  66. The Tegra 3 Version of the HTC One X Gets a Port of Android 4.1/Jelly Bean
  67. [WINNERS] Seidio Active Case w/ Metal Kickstand and Spring Clip Holster
  68. Nexus 7 Tablet Forum is now Live! Be sure to join us!
  69. HTC is Either Working on Their Own Siri-style Voice App or a Dog Language Translator
  70. Larry Page, the CEO of Google May Be Having Health Issues
  71. [Rumor] HTC Working on New One XXL with quad-core Snapdragon APQ8064 CPU
  72. [CONTEST] Seidio Active Case w/ Metal Kickstand and Spring Clip Holster
  73. [Rumor] Screenshot from Google I/O Might be a Peek at Jelly Bean
  74. HTC Admits WiFi Issue on the HTC One X for Some Users
  75. New Ad for AT&T Samsung Galaxy S III Pre-order Goes Live; Tempting With Cool Features
  76. Ice Cream Sandwich Wins Parsons' 2012 Gold Prize for Best User Experience
  77. HTC One X May Have an iPhone-like 'Death-Grip' WiFi Problem
  78. EA Bringing New Need For Speed Most Wanted to Multi-Platforms & Android Oct 30
  79. New OTA Update for the AT&T HTC One X Begins Rolling Out; Includes WiFi Enhancements
  80. Apple Getting Nasty; Seeks Import & Sales Ban on HTC Devices and the Galaxy S III
  81. Qualcomm's New Snapdragon S4 Stays Cool Under Pressure... Literally.
  82. HTC One X Gorilla Glass Proves It is Tough as Nails On Video
  83. HTC One X and HTC EVO 4G LTE Get Their US Customs Stamp of Approval
  84. Wirefly Memorial Day Sale on the T-Mobile HTC One X; Only $125 for New Contract
  85. HTC EVO 4G LTE Root and UnRoot Method Revealed
  86. HTC One X Gets an Unofficial Bootloader Unlock Process
  87. AT&T HTC One X Update Version 1.85 Gets Leaked
  88. Oracle vs Google Trial; Jury Comes Back: Google Did NOT Infringe Any Patents
  89. New and Faster GPS Lock Fix for the HTC One S Available Now
  90. Court in Delaware Orders Apple and HTC to Talk About a Settlement in August
  91. AT&T HTC One X Has a Price Drop at Amazon: Now Down to $130 On Contract
  92. [Follow-Up] Best Buy Backtracks on HTC EVO 4G LTE Launch; Phone Now in Limbo
  93. Best Buy Email Suggests the HTC EVO 4G LTE May Skirt By US Customs to Arrive May 23
  94. HTC's New Camera Challenge ad Campaign: Choose Which Pic Was Taken with HTC One X
  95. Root Access Granted for HTC One X and One XL
  96. The White Version of the HTC One X is Apparently Not Very "Jeans Friendly"
  97. Walmart Offering the AT&T HTC One X for Only $158.00 On Contract
  98. Sprint Opens Up Pre-Orders for HTC EVO 4G LTE; $200 On Contract
  99. HTC One X Now Available at AT&T for $200; Amazon Has it for Just $150
  100. HTC One V Officially Outed for Verizon
  101. The HTC One X is now available on AT&T!
  102. AT&T May be Locking the Bootloader on the new HTC One X
  103. The AT&T HTC One X Pre-Orders Have Shipped - Should Be Hitting Your Doorstep Soon!
  104. PhoneDog Video Review of the AT&T HTC One X
  105. Video Compilation: HTC One X Quad-Core Vs. HTC One X Dual-Core
  106. HTC One X European Version Gets a New Update: Version 1.29.401.7
  107. AT&T HTC One X Pre-Orders May Be Shipping Tomorrow!
  108. HTC One X Gets an Early and Mostly Functional Build of CyanogenMod 9
  109. HTC One S Written Review (but, with pictures)
  110. Largest Study Yet Reveals Cell Phone Radiation is Likely Not Dangerous
  111. Google Easter Eggs: Zerg Rush
  112. Endomondo Sports Tracker Pro Becomes Your Personal Digital Trainer to Stay Fit
  113. New Video Shows Tegra 3 Version of HTC One X Outperforming the S4 Version
  114. HTC One S Available on T-Mobile for $199.99
  115. HTC Predicts a 55% Jump in Q2 Revenue Riding on Strong HTC One Series Sales
  116. Rumors Suggest Sprint's HTC EVO 4G LTE Coming May 18th
  117. HTC One X Hits Amazon at $149.99 on Contract
  118. HTC One X vs. HTC One S Dogfight, on Phonedog
  119. Reminder - HTC One X Pre-orders begin today at AT&T
  120. Costco launches HTC One S deal 4/25
  121. Engadget reviews a few colorful HTC One X Cases
  122. HTC One X now available exclusively from Rogers
  123. HTC One X Review Compilation
  124. HTC One X May Be Available for Pre-Order at Radio Shack for Only $150 on May 6th
  125. HTC One S for T-Mobile review
  126. HTC One X Gets Its First OTA Update: Bug Fixes and Battery & Performance Boosts
  127. AT&T Officially Confirms the HTC One X Coming May 6th for $199.99
  128. AT&T Likely to Launch the HTC One X within a Week
  129. HTC One V First Impressions - Slashgear gives a review of the One V
  130. Newest Instagram Update Now Supports the HTC One X
  131. Leaked Docs Confirm HTC One S Launch of April 25th for T-Mobile
  132. HTC Will Not Be Bundling Beats Audio Headsets With Phones Anymore
  133. In The Wild HTC One S Gets Benchmarked; Impressive Quadrant Scores
  134. HTC One S Video Review
  135. HTC One X and One S Now On Sale in Europe
  136. Supposedly Leaked HTC EVO One for Sprint next to other HTC Siblings
  137. First Look: The Stunning 4.7-Inch HTC One X Smartphone, on Wired.Com
  138. [Rumor] NVIDIA Tegra 4 Rumored to Have Kepler Architecture and up to 64 GPU Cores
  139. [VIDEOS] HTC One X Review Compilation
  140. [Exclusive] RIM to work with Samsung on QWERTY-equipped Galaxy Note Sequel/Spinoff
  141. [Breaking] Microsoft Requests FCC Approval to Purchase HTC; May Change the Game
  142. HTC One gets a 12,000 Foot Free-Fall Model Photoshoot for an Advertising Campaign
  143. [Editorial] Android tablet partners will actually benefit from a Google Nexus tablet
  144. Apple and Samsung's 'Thermonuclear War' may be over; discussing patent settlement
  145. Sprint Version of the HTC One Could Be the New EVO; Called the HTC Evo One
  146. HTC One X and S Unboxing
  147. HTC One XL tests show Snapdragon S4 bests Tegra 3 in most benchmarks
  148. HTC and Sprint Holding a Joint Press Event on April 4th; Possible Launch of the One X
  149. New study indicates that ads in apps cause 70% of battery drain
  150. [Rumor] High-end Sprint Phone Called 'Jet' Coming June 10th; Likely the HTC One X
  151. HTC One V Poses in black and purple for the cameras
  152. HTC Showcases Micro Arc Oxidation Shell on the One S
  153. HTC One X Expected To Drop in The UK April 5
  154. HTC One S Gets Root
  155. HTC One X Gets Deluxe Edition in Taiwan
  156. The Near Future Will Bring About Wireless Tech that is 1,000 Times Faster than 4G
  157. HTC One X and HTC One S Benchmarked in 4 Videos
  158. Impressive Sample Pics From HTC One Series ImageSense Technology
  159. AT&T HTC One X hands-on
  160. CNet's Notable Phones of Mobile World Congress 2012
  161. New Fuel Cell Tech Can Fully Charge Your Phone with Only a Spoonful of Water
  162. Android Dance Makes Batman Jealous of Batgirl Sandwich
  163. HTC Comments on Their Sense UI: "Too Complicated"; Aims to Reduce Bloat
  164. Official Google MWC app available in the Android Market
  165. HTC One Series Unveiled
  166. Welcome to HTCOneForum.com - HTC One Community