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  1. Sound Profile Resets After Restart
  2. Thin As A Brick
  3. Magnet
  4. ONE X Updates AT&T
  5. HTC One X Adding Volume When Using Earpiece
  6. Sensors draining all the battery even in sleep mode
  7. htc one xl traped in boot loop after updates
  8. Black Line Appeared on HTC One X Screen After Dropped
  9. HOX Display/Coil Problem...
  10. Touch Screen Help
  11. MMS & Group Message Issues
  12. HTC One Not Turning On?!
  13. FIX: HTC One X "Camera will not load" issue
  14. Data Recovery After Motherboard Failure
  15. HTC One X Moisture Strip Indicator Location
  16. Bluetooth Issues
  17. How to Store Pictures from Gallery to SD Card
  18. HTC One X Calendar Problems
  19. Icon in Task Bar
  20. Battery Life
  21. Unable to Sync [512]
  22. Major Problems with 4 month old HTC One X
  23. HTC One X - No Sound, Ringtones, Won't Play Radio or Video, No Calls
  24. Imei Is Gone
  25. WiFi Shows Connected, But Server Denies Access
  26. HTC One X Black Screen!
  27. Problems with One X
  28. HTC service problem
  29. HTC One X PJ46100 vs PJ83100 Display Change
  30. Where are the emoticons?
  31. HTC One X - Screen not working after replacement
  32. Backlight problem
  33. hTc One X won't power on
  34. buffering
  35. Dropped HTC One X In Water
  36. HTC One X drowned and not working
  37. One X boot loop, PLease Help!
  38. HTC One X won't switch on...Help please!
  39. Battery/Charge problems with original and replacement phone, Help needed urgently!
  40. A Sync Alternative
  41. Android Downgrade?
  42. Must Have Apps ??
  43. Music File Formats
  44. MMS Screen capture images are tiny (24x40)
  45. Dead One X - HELP
  46. stuck in airplane mode :(
  47. No Sound with Ford Sync
  48. Restarts Suddenly
  49. Stock HTC One X Rebooting Constantly
  50. Headphone not working
  51. Headphone Jack Just Stopped Working
  52. Data Recovery When HTC One X Won't Turn On
  53. WwhatsAPP over Edge
  54. Safe mode problem - can't get out of it.
  55. phone calla
  56. htc one x struck at ring
  57. One X won't turn on
  58. HTC One X Background Apps
  59. failed when i try to update!!!
  60. Light App Will Not Work
  61. Phone won't see WI-FI network after I changed WPA password
  62. help with backup
  63. Camera Problems - Auto Scene Missing?
  64. HTC Synch Manager
  65. HTC One X via USB Connection Not Working
  66. My Android phone is lost , I want to track the same .Need suggestions.Phone HTC One X
  67. HTC One X Cannot Charge
  68. Boot loop - insurance wont fix as saying it is water damaged
  69. WiFi Direct Greyed Out on One X
  70. No keyboard!
  71. Events Not Saving to Calendar
  72. HTC One X works at random
  73. Annoing tap sound
  74. Searching for network when out of service?
  75. Ringtone & notification tone not working after being set
  76. HTC One X Driver Makes Computer USB Ports Inactive
  77. htc One x , not geting camera update after JB update
  78. Deleting wrong number associated with contact
  79. 'NO DOWNLOADS' Please help.
  80. Calls Don't End
  81. Can't Dial 1, 2 or 3
  82. HTC Won't Allow Usual USB Connection Screen, Enters Debudding Option
  83. Audio/Video Problem
  84. One X+ : WiFi Won't Come Back on After Sleep
  85. Problem with Camera Flash Since Software Upgrade - Everything Comes Out Green!
  86. I did a really stupid thing (Formatted HTC One X ... completely)
  87. serious jellybean update issues
  88. HTC One X - Sound Problem Car Mode
  89. Image Preview Problem in Windows Explorer
  90. Help!
  91. How to Fix Formatted HTC One X
  92. Htc one X 3g problems
  93. HTC One X+ Help ** Please Error Message
  94. logging in
  95. HTC One X Always Hanging
  96. HTC ONE X screen unglued issue
  97. Browse Files in Finder
  98. Problem with HTC One X Portable WiFi Hotspot
  99. This Newb Broke It--Signal Contact Ribbon?
  100. Auto-rotation for screen and tilt problem
  101. Saving Photos from EMail Attachments?
  102. Looping + Volume Down Not Working
  103. One X activating Menus when in call
  104. cant see images that come in the emails that i recieve
  105. Home Screen Application Quality (One X)
  106. HTC One X - Black Screen Problem
  107. HTC Phone and Google Contacts
  108. 'Show Me' Download Stuck
  109. Camera shut downs the phone at low battery
  110. Screenshot Editing
  111. 2 questions re pics from the htc one x
  112. Can you use generic Micro USB cables??
  113. My HTC ONE X is unable to charge please reply as you need to know the full story!
  114. Alarm Not Going Off
  115. Can't pull ring on HTC One X
  116. Hi, Newbie Needing Help
  117. Notification Bar Access
  118. Can't save MMS picture
  119. New HTC One X wont' start
  120. Background audio is louder than voice audio on Youtube with earphones
  121. problem opening texts
  122. HTC Sync Manager and Network Drives
  123. Screen turns on and off all the time
  124. HTC One x will now update
  125. screen locks when clicking notifications
  126. How do you access your stored files??
  127. HTC One X bluetooth problems with Sony headset
  128. Message opening glitch
  129. my phone turn off by itself! please help
  130. one v sync manager is not installing on my computer ?
  131. ONE X all of a sudden won't charge...?
  132. No Save options from Instance Message photos
  133. Battery problem caused by OS?
  134. copying texts from one x to computer?
  135. Calendar full day events off by one day
  136. change settings to vibrate ONLY on notifications
  137. how do i add and change icons look? where to install
  138. HTC One X Sync
  139. Receiving MS Outlook Meeting Invitations
  140. Is my HTC One X broken?
  141. how do i connect htc one x to mac? and how to add ringtones newbie here
  142. Unlocking Bootloader Failed!
  143. HTC One X Data Issue
  144. Gracenote
  145. One X camera and skin tones being over saturated.
  146. Mobile Network Problems
  147. Stuck in safe mode, volume issue?
  148. Telephone Contacts List showing FB contacts whilst not Synched...
  149. Music app? widget doesn't stay on...
  150. Placing Facebook contacts into groups
  151. HTC One X Not Connecting to PC
  152. HTC One XL. Can't download/open picture messages from iPhone.
  153. Apps
  154. HTC ONE X USB Debugging problem HELP!
  155. Gaming icons advertisements appearing
  156. image not updated
  157. Black Screen
  158. Won't receive notifications (text/other chat apps) until phone is awaken
  159. WiFi Hotspot cannot be enabled
  160. One X Bluetooth Connections. No Phone Sound
  161. HTC One X Bluetooth Head Set Problem
  162. I need HELP! HTC One X
  163. Can't Save Images from EMails to HTC One X.....
  164. htc one x email problem
  165. HTC One X Does Not Charge Anymore
  166. 3G Connection Problem
  167. HTC One X (US Version ATT) how to delete voice recordings???
  168. Night Time Clock
  169. how do i save facebook pics to gallery?
  170. One X Photo Problem
  171. why i cant found my save pics from opera on gallery on download on my htc
  172. Can't share photos from facebook to multimedia messages
  173. Gallery videos not workin
  174. Problems Adding Contacts??
  175. htc one x email question
  176. HTC One X Connected to Wifi but no internet - Help
  177. Red flashing frame?
  178. HTC ONE XL.....looses service after every sleep or turn off.
  179. Pics in folder on SD card don't show in gallery automatically
  180. Volume Rocker Issue
  181. Most of the wallpapers are not fit on my hTC One x..
  182. youtube
  183. Phone Dead, Won't Charge At All
  184. using earphones and whining on video recordings
  185. fatal crash when connected to HTC sync
  186. Song/Artist Info
  187. How to set apps to only update over wifi?
  188. Wifi Hotspot not operating
  189. How to get music to shuffle via headphones?
  190. Htc one x 1.85 update at&t - sound volume issues
  191. how to set a voice recording as the default sms tone
  192. Email font size
  193. G Sensor Problem
  194. Music playing by itself
  195. mail not saving outgoing settings
  196. Disappearing Widgets + other questions.
  197. Car Charging Low - USB Mini -> Micro Problem?
  198. Keep Losing Network and Data Connections
  199. at&t htc one x 1.85 update issues
  200. HTC Updates not installing on rooted OneX
  201. Sync manager working in one direction only
  202. Problem with the app "Android OS"
  203. Rooted my Int. One X, wifi is connected but cannot access anything online
  204. Screenshot
  205. 3G wont work, any suggestions!? UK based on O2 network.
  206. HTC One X blinking while on sleep
  207. Network Location Error
  208. Anyone having problems sending media messages?
  209. High Data Usage - PLEASE HELP
  210. Contacts and People in the Call Menu
  211. Bluetooth Disconnect Issues with HTC One X
  212. Serious Problem with HTC one X- Unable to use
  213. Xbox 360 and wii controllers connect!!!
  214. Noise through headphones when charging
  215. 3G is not working ..... need help
  216. Deleting / modifying a single calendar event from repeating event
  217. Htc one x imei locked
  218. How to Disable Spellcheck
  219. Unable to Read SMS
  220. memory question
  221. Facebook Notifications Gone
  222. File Browser
  223. Email Links Received Not "Active"
  224. Deleting birthday event in calendar
  225. Dead Pixel on the Screen
  226. HTC One X Bluetooth issues!
  227. GPS tracking issues
  228. Internal storage available problem
  229. Charging Instructions for HTC ONE X?
  230. Videos not being shot in Full Screen
  231. Contacts Confusion
  232. Compressing video
  233. Always syncing
  234. Sound issue
  235. HTC Sync Won't Recognize HTC One X
  236. HTC One X Sound Issues with Headphones
  237. When will HTC Sync Manager be released for my HTC One and how could I sync my HTC One
  238. Bluetooth Pairing Issue with JVC Headunit
  239. how to increase battery with less screen use?
  240. Charging Problem with One X
  241. Woke up to a dead phone this morning...
  242. Help! What do these sync options mean??
  243. how to delete all contacts at once?
  244. Can't sync to my HTC One
  245. 3G problems
  246. mediaserver drains battery in 5 hours
  247. Question about the one s?
  248. WiFi Connection Problems?
  249. The official HTC One X Tips Thread!
  250. Battery Draining Software Bug?