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Thread: [How To] Unlock and Root the HTC One S

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    [How To] Unlock and Root the HTC One S

    Disclaimer: do this at your own risk - we are not responsible if you mess up your device.

    Important Notes or Warnings:
    • At this time, you must permanently unlock the bootloader to root the One S, using HTC's official method. This cannot be undone and may void your warranty. You can "relock" the bootloader, but it's not quite the same as it was out of the box, and will state "re-locked", instead of the stock, out of the box, "locked" message. In other words, if they really check, they'll still know.
    • Unlocking your bootloader will wipe your phone's data - not the internal sd card (it didn't for me anyway), but it'll be like doing a factory reset on your phone
    • Anything you need to type (or copy/paste) in these instructions will be in blue to eliminate any quote confusion
    • This was done using a Windows 7 machine and has not been done on a Mac. This was also done on a USA branded T-Mobile One S - though it should work for any One S theoretically (here's your grain of salt! ). Restoring to stock is another matter for another thread, and will differ per carrier.

    What you need:

    Initial Setup:
    • If you haven't already, install the HTC drivers, then plug in your phone to let Windows recognize it and setup the drivers
    • On your phone, go to settings > developer options > check to enable USB Debugging
    • Extract the adbfastboot.zip to your desktop - it should create a directory called "adbfastboot" that has 4 files in it
    • Shift + Right-click on the adbfastboot directory and select "open command window here" - it should open up a command prompt within that folder (this might as well [and needs to at one point] stay open through this entire process)
    • Input adb kill-server - should do nothing and bring the prompt back.
    • Input adb devices - if it doesn't show your device serial # (HT****) and "device" after that, redo these steps. If it does, you're good to move forward.

    • In the same command prompt, input adb reboot bootloader
    • After a few seconds, your phone should reboot (might go blank for a few more seconds) and go to a menu with a white background, some green and orange (and other) text, and three skateboarding androids at the bottom. If this is your first time in the bootloader (aka hboot), give Windows a few seconds to recognize and install the drivers for this interface. Then move forward.
    • Input in the command prompt fastboot devices - you're looking for the same serial # and the word "fastboot". If you see them, you're good to move forward.
    • Now input fastboot oem get_identifier_token - a big block of text/numbers should come up
    • Login to your htcdev account and go to this page (this skips a lot of the early, drawn out steps - especially all the Android sdk stuff)
    • Follow the instructions / visuals in steps 9-10, copy/paste as it says in the box at the bottom, and click submit.
    • Soon, if not instantly, you should get an email with a file attached named Unlock_code.bin . Download this file, and place it in the adbfastboot directory on your desktop - alongside the four files that came in the .zip.
    • Back to the command prompt - input fastboot flash unlocktoken Unlock_code.bin
    • This is the point of no return. After this step, your warranty could be voided and your phone will be reset. On your phone, you'll see a warning / disclaimer - use the volume buttons to move the cursor, power to select. Once you select Yes, your phone will hang a bit and reboot - unlocked and reset.

    • Once you're unlocked and rebooted, you'll have to get back to your home screen and re-enable USB debugging as we did in the Initial Setup section above
    • Copy the SuperSU.zip file onto your phone's storage
    • Copy the clockwork recovery .img file into the adbfastboot directory on your desktop, alongside the other files (I guess I could've just included this in the original .zip!)
    • Back to the command prompt: input adb reboot bootloader - should get you back into that white screen. If you see a message at the top about being tampered with, unlocked, etc. - it's fine, that's what it should say.
    • In order to root, you have to flash a custom recovery: at the command prompt, input fastboot flash recovery recovery-clockwork- - it should take a few seconds then complete.
    • On the phone, use the volume buttons to navigate and power to select "bootloader", then "recovery".
    • It should start to reboot, with a red warning message below the green HTC, and then go into Clockwork Recovery (blue text, black background). I had to do this twice - for some reason it didn't "take" the first time. But after the second flash, it worked.
    • Use the volume rocker to move up and down, power to select.
    • Select "install zip from sdcard", then "choose zip from sdcard", then "CWM-SuperSU-v0.89.zip", then "yes - Install...".
    • Go back, then reboot, and you should be up and running with root access on the stock system (once booted up, the stock system will give you an error message to send to HTC that you can just ignore). I recommend a few things to do immediately once you're booted. First, open the SuperSU app and let it update the SU binary. Second, download/install Busybox Installer (pro version) and install the most up to date busybox. Then you should be covered on any root apps you use from that point forward.

    And that's that (hopefully anyway!).

    To flash a custom ROM, in short, you do the same process as flashing the SuperSU .zip file above. Put the ROM's .zip file on your internal sd storage, reboot into recovery, make a nandroid backup of your current system, wipe data/cache, and install the .zip.

    If you need to revert back to stock/relocked, or if you get stuck in a boot loop, check here.
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    Great Job! Thanks for posting this up Nathan!

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    Thanks for the guide. It is strange how it doesn't "take" the SuperSU app on first attempt.

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    In recovery

    this build is for development purposes only do not distribute outside htc with out htc write permission failure to comply my lead to legal action

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    Thanks for your guide...once rooted..Your mobile will now reboot and is successfully rooted. You now have root access to your phone as a Super User.AS for the unlocking is concerned we can do by purchasing unlock codes from any commercial vendors online like Classicunlocking.com

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    Thanx for the guide, followed the steps worked perfectly for a few days, now I loose root access after a few minutes, reboot and it's back.... for about five minutes then gone again. any idea what could cause that?

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    from what i have read you do not need to buy a sim unlock code if you check this out [S4][Hack][Root] SIM Unlock for FREE - xda-developers
    they say its a hack for free sim unlock .

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    tampered flag

    Hi guys i am now bootloader unlocked rooted and s-off but still with the stock 4.1.1 jellybean rom so what i was wondering is it possible to remove the tampered flag\banner from the bootloader ?? and if so could you point me in that direction , i have found many tutorials for the m7 bootloader but not the one s .


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