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Thread: Signal Problem

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    Junior Member SunJL's Avatar
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    Jul 2012
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    Hi guys,

    Please try to "Settings" > Tap "Mobile network" > Change network mode to "GSM Only".
    If If its OK on that sounds like 3G network issue.

    If it's not OK, try to remove "battery cover" which has no function.(It may have guarantee problem)
    If it's OK, it maybe SIM card or antenna contact issue.

    Could you give me some information about that:
    1. How long you use it? (1 day, 2day....1 week...?)
    2. What's country you use One V?
    3. What's telecoms operator you use?
    4. What the frequency telecoms operator use?
    (GSM 900/1800, GSM850/1900, WCDMA 2100/1900/850/900?)

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    Junior Member canneddirt's Avatar
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    Jul 2012
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    I just got this phone with Virgin Mobile (CDMA only) and the signal quality is extremely poor. Voice calls rarely work and data is always absent. Wifi, however, works very well. I know this isn't the coverage in my area because my previous phone, an LG Optimus V, worked well. I wonder if this is caused by a bad antenna? The antenna is embedded in the little plastic panel on the back of the phone. Anyone have any luck improving this? Would a bit of aluminum foil help? Totally desperate and frustrated with this issue.

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    Junior Member mjrichardson93's Avatar
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    Jul 2012
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    Hi Chaps, new to the forum aswell as I've only joined due to a hugely annoying problem with my one V. The signal has been dropping for a few days, disappearing completely only to come back occasionally and allow me to send/receive the odd text but not make any phone calls. This problem got worse and worse until it dropped completely. I went to my local o2 store and they gave me a new sim card, which is not working either. I've placed this sim card into an ancient nokia which is, unsurprisingly, working fine. I've trawled through pretty much every forum and tried everything I could think of and it's made absolutely no difference, and right now I am in dire need of a smartphone so I may have to resort to going out to buy another, cheaper one, tomorrow as a last resort option. Any ideas of a quick fix or is it a hardware problem that needs a handset replacement, which won't be fun seeing as I got a bit of a bargain off Amazon. Kind of annoying as I've only had the phone a couple of months and it is, generally, very good. Thanks a lot!

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    Junior Member petehere's Avatar
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    Jul 2012
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    Hi Guys,
    SAME SIGNAL LOSS problem here.
    - I am new to this forum and a former owner of a "V". I had this wonderful phone for 2 days after giving up and returned the phone to Pixmania here in spain for a full cashback refund (my 1st android phone after Symbian N97 Mini).

    I tested the phone to navigate same streets in car and walking as with my venerable N97mini, signal just disappeared numerous times, could not get connectivity to mobile internet. I tried everything, could not navigate nor browse internet if I moved about a millimeter. Sometimes even staying still didn't help.
    Same signal loss problem came with SIM cards of different operator. My wife has a WILDFIRE S and she never had any problems whatsoever with Mobile Broadband.
    We live right next to BARCELONA, SPAIN, and have great reception on other phones...

    I may or may not have a Dumb phone on my hand , it should be smart as hell. V is wonderful if the MOBILE BROADBAND would only work.
    HTC Should look at these forums and reply with some kind of an explanation. This is a serious drawback on an otherwise perfect and super-user-friendly phone.

    As next phone I will try out Sony Ericcson's Xperia ARC S, it already has the newest 4.xxx OS update available. Hope it's better.

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    Junior Member rajsidhu's Avatar
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    Aug 2012
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    I am from india, i have same signal loosing problem...this is One V model's problem i think.....what should we do????

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    Junior Member anil's Avatar
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    Aug 2012
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    I too am facing the same problem. How to resolve it

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    glx is offline
    Junior Member glx's Avatar
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    Jul 2013
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    SOLVED for me ! It was a problem in Bottom Cover where two metal peaces for antenna gives a weak contact with motherboard. I put something under the two plastic legs to make a better contact with metallic surfaces. Phone is brand new,I was in stress already.All work fine now.

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    Junior Member itsmebrian's Avatar
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    Dec 2013
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    hi guys im new here, well not only has this phone the worst recepyion i have ever had but as soon as the temp gets to 35C it cant be charged, the only way to charge in australia on a hot day is to put it into the fridge, i have never seen anything like this phone.. i guess the supplier here (telstra) have not even done any tests to see how it works in australian conditions..

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