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Thread: HTC One X Not Connecting to PC

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    HTC One X Not Connecting to PC

    I've posted this as a reply here, but I'm not anticipating a lot of response because that thread was in the introductions forum (for whatever reason). I am reposting my issue here, along with the post that I was referring to.

    Quote Originally Posted by Yarok View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by JaapT View Post
    I had the same issue.

    The cause usually is that the driver files supplied by HTC, even the most recent ones that come with Sync Manager and the latest HTC Sync 3.2.2 (which is what I use), do not have a correct INF file.
    It misses the hardware IDs of many newer HTC phones!
    So you have the correct driver software, but windows is told by the HTC INF that it is not compatible with the driver that HTC itself supplied. Wrong hardware model number ...
    Especially some submodel's, special builds or simply newer builds of the same main models (HTC One X, HTC One S & HTC One V).
    Never mind that almost ALL HTC smart phones use or can use the EXACT same version of the driver software!
    As a result Windows does not install the driver ...

    How to fix this?

    I assume that you already tried the correct way:
    • Uninstalled any older version of the software (from an older HTC perhaps..., if any), & reboot to be sure.
    • Installed a recent version of the software, either Sync (htc_sync_setup_3.2.20) or Sync Manager (version is not all that important, supplied driver is always the same ...). And only plugged the phone into the PC AFTER you have installed the software.
    • If you plugged the phone into the PC BEFORE you installed the software, then Windows will have tried to install your driver before the driver installation files where there (they are installed as part of the installation of the PC client software, i.e. the HTC Sync PC software.
      In that case the issue is easily resolved by opening Device Manager, then tell Windows to check for hardware changes (with USB plugged in). If that fails, then remove the wronly installed driver, unplug the USB, wait a few seconds, then plug the USB in again and Windows should detect new hardware.

    That may (may) resolve the issue, but in many cases the issue is only resolved in the manner described below.

    When your HTC NEVER has been able to connect to the PC, try the below.

    When the phone is plugged in to the PC via the USB cable, open the Device Manager (right-click Computer, Properties, then select Device Manager)

    What the entries for your phone should be:

    +-- Android USB Devices
    +-- My HTC

    What you likely have is an entry like:

    +--- Other devices
    +-- Android Phone [ with yellow exclamation mark, i.e. not functioning properly ]

    Right-click the Anroid Phone icon and select properties.
    Find the Hardware Ids for your phone (Details tab, Property 'Hardware Ids')

    Mine are:

    Note that I have a second one, a revision.
    This ID indicates what hardware you have, uniquely enough to match the correct driver.

    The silly thing is that most HTC phone all will use the exact same driver (androidusb.sys) and the *ONLY* reason that the driver is not (properly) installed is that the Hardware Id of your phone is missing from the installation information file androidusb.INF (!!).
    Why HTC uses soo many IDs is beyond me. It seems that they do not understand how this works.

    There are many, many, IDs for HTC phones in all versions of the INF file that I have seen; still thet seem to introduce new numbers for every minutely different phone of the exact same model (that is the HTC One X will have many entries, the HTC One S also etc).
    For the USB driver there is however NO difference between one build of HTC One S and another. In fact probably no difference even between a HTC One S, One X or even One V.

    So you can repair this by adding your phone's Id to the INF file & then have windows install the driver.

    Make a copy of the androidusb.INF file from the location where HTC Sync (Manager) installed the installation files, to a location where you can edit this file (My Documents or Temp or ...).
    In my case the files are installed in C:\Program Files (x86)\HTC\HTC Driver\Driver Files\Win7_x64.

    Open androidusb.INF in a text editor and you'll see many lines like this:
    You can search for your ID. If you do not find it, you have to add it (if you do find it already there, then the INF file is OK and you do not need to update it).

    Add a line with your hardware Id, in my case:


    Save the file and then copy the file using file manager/windows explorer to the directory where the driver installation files have been installed.

    Unplug the USB, wait a few seconds & let windows discover it again by replugging the USB.
    Be sure that you select correct synchronisation option on your phone (HTC Sync Manager for the HTC One phones).

    Now Windows should discover your hardware and install the drivers.

    OR ...

    Windows will see the Hardware ID of your USB device (your phone), check it's own driver installation files (nope, not there), then look in directories where OEM software has installed additional dribvers (assuming the OEM software told Windows where to look).
    If that fails it will tell you that it is looking on the Net (Windows Update). Of course it will not find the driver there.
    This is possible when the HTC sofytware was not installed properly.
    So either
    • uninstall the software and install a recent version (e.g. htc_sync_setup_3.2.20) plus do not forget to again correct the INF file. Then try again.
    • or tell windows where to find the driver files manually: open Device Manager, go to the icon for your device. When that indeed is still not OK (wrong name & yellow marker) then right click, then select driver tab, click Update Driver button. Then select Browse my computer for driver software and select the correct directory (C:\Program Files (x86)\HTC\HTC Driver).

    DONE !

    You should see a correct icon and text for your device ('My HTC') in the Device Manager when the phone is connected to the PC via the USB cable, so HTC Sync and Sync Manager now should correctly see your phone.

    Hi, I found this thread via Google, and JaapT's advice seems very solid, but I have quite a severe issue that stops me from carrying it out. When I got my phone a couple days ago, I connected it to the PC and rooted it. Now, the phone is not being recognized by the PC: Through device manager, HTC Sync, etc. The phone is charging, but USB options don't appear in the notification bar. I've tried reinstalling drivers manually, using drivers installed by HTC Sync, and so forth. so far, nothing has worked. I need to be able to connect my phone to my computer, to be able to unlock the bootloader and to transfer files, but more importantly develop things for it. So far, this has been the most useful and relevant advice I have found so far after nearly a day of Googling, and I'd really like some advice with my issue. I've also contacted HTC support, but they haven't responded yet.
    I'll also mention that I've tried different USB ports, USB debugging has been used both on and off, and it is plugged into the motherboard's IO panel.
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    thank you that was very helpful

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    I have tried many things to get a connection, many of these before but figured i would go step by step to make sure i wasnt missing anything. still having connection issues. even reformatted my pc, it wasnt until i switched to windows 7 32 bit vs 64 bit that the problem resolved, and quite easily i might add. seems as though there might be a compatibility issue with 64 bit, anyone else test this? what versions of windows are you running?

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    Do you happen to know the ID for a One X+, or how I can find it? My google-fu appears weak in this instance.

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    Hey guys i have the same issue! i have tried all above... i even reinstalled a fresh copy of windows 7 64... so is my only option to go down to 32?

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    Have a look at this link - use the 'connect to pc' settings in the One X to change the default settings. You can default to Sync Manager to set up the desired sync. HTC factory default is 'charge only' so the phone doesn't respond to pc connection. This is a simple fix.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Markan View Post
    Have a look at this link - use the 'connect to pc' settings in the One X to change the default settings. You can default to Sync Manager to set up the desired sync. HTC factory default is 'charge only' so the phone doesn't respond to pc connection. This is a simple fix.
    Hey guys.. i tried a different cable and it worked... lol i did eveything else but that... FARR OUT ! lol

    So my problem was the supplied usb cable must have been faulty..

    Thanks guys! hope it works for you 2!

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    hello, im new to this forum. tbh, im just a teen.
    my problem is after the new update by htc, i cant connect my htc one x to my pc. and when i open my setting, the 'Connect to PC' is gone.
    and whenever i try to connect usb to my pc, it popup the debugging and the usb network. still, it wont connect my phone to the laptop.
    i hope someone can help me. i would really appreciate it. thank you

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    HTC One V not connecting

    Yes, with the original cable didn`t for me either. I did it with a nokia cable. Thanks

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    HTC One X +
    Phone Carrier
    Hi guys I too am having problems syncing my HTC One X+ to my PC, I am still running XP Pro and whilst it looks like the software has installed and the PC informs me a new device has been found that's as far as it gets. In fact annoyingly the PC doesn't stop telling me a new device has been found (together with that stupid cork out of a wine bottle sound). I have had also had an error code 30005. Switching debugging on and off didn't work in fact it blue screened my PC on one occasion, uninstalling and reinstalling the software and the driver didn't change things. To be honest at the moment I'd settle for just being able to download pictures from the phone to the PC, for such an expensive piece of kit you would think the manufacturers would jump on any problems such as this especially as it seems to be affecting so many purchasers.

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